The All Steel Traveller - Published by Bloodaxe Books

The All Steel Morris Oxford Traveller was a good all-round family car, with reliability and long life being its main attributes. Old fashioned though it may look by today's standards the car certainly turned a few heads when it was first manufactured.

In 1954 Autocar magazine said, "On both wet and dry roads the Oxford appeared to be particularly stable".

In the 1950's Pamela Gillilan was also in her heyday, with a young family and a business that she ran with her husband David. During this time Pamela didn't write; she found an outlet for her creativity and perfectionism in an interiors business that the couple ran together.

Pamela's sharp eye for colour and balance and her attention to detail helped to make the business a success, and the business - Kilmar House Furnishings - went from strength to strength, employing upholsterers, cabinet makers, spindle moulders and a sewing room team.

It was after David's death that Pamela Gillilan started to write in her carefully crafted, colourful and deeply moving poems.

She recognised The All Steel Traveller as the emblem of a full life and this collection of poems encapsulate the life of the writer.

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All Steel Traveller

All-Steel Traveller

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The Rashomon Syndrome

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